Real Style | Mommy and Me

July 27, 2016

  Meet Mara (and Aria)! Mara is not only a Realia by Jen style ambassador, but also a hardworking mommy! She has shared with us her tips on staying stylish and comfortable while running around with cute little Aria! #momstyle Mara did a wonderful job of writing her blog. We hope you enjoy!     Becoming a mom has been the hardest, most wonderful thing I have ever done. Staying stylish while caring for a little one has also been challenging. I’ve been a believer in premium denim forever. I truly believe that a great fitting jean is one of the most important pieces in your wardrobe. I’m lucky and can wear jeans everyday for work, so I do! Thus, my... Continue Reading →

Featured Trio | 90's Pop

July 25, 2016

  Can you believe it, the 90's are back and better than ever! This week's feature embodies the bubble gum you chewed, the black choker you wore, and the white bandanna in your hair! WOAH, Flashback!     The 90's Pop Trio consists of faceted neon pink jade, white jade, and black onyx. Jade and onyx both have healing properties to make you feel amazing and look even better! Jade is a stone of spiritual wealth. It is known for attracting healing, prosperity, and serenity into life.  As for onyx, it gives strength as well as promoting vigor and stamina. It imparts self-confidence and helps one to be at ease in their surroundings. Onyx banishes grief, enhances self-control and stimulates the power of wise... Continue Reading →


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